Singapore’s media bias? on the by-election

Singapores political system has always been controvertible as its presentation as a ‘modern liberal democracy’ and it has always been questionable when it comes to mainstream media coverage of political issues.
In the recent news coverage of the results of the by elections, many of netizens felt the mainstream media were very insistent on highlighting that hougang’s votes does not represent the whole of singapore. From straits times: “The Hougang result may speak volumes for Hougang. But it says little about what the rest of Singapore thinks about the PAP”.
From Today: “TODAY ST HEADLINES: HOUGANG SPEAKS, BUT FOR ITSELF”. This can be seen as MSM jumping in to defend PAP.

Additionally, Worker’s Party Low Thia Khiang has come out to comment on the biased media report  by MSM based on this photo


From a communications point of view I aim to focus on the agenda setting behind this message that our media is trying to put forth. to protectour government’s reputation.
It indeed can be said that the stability of this country might start to wane. The problem with this is will this negatively imply that MNCs will start pulling out
other developed nations seldom depend too much on foreign investments.
they create their own companies. However in our age of modern society, Singaporeans are generally more critical of our media and how it is used by the government, and it seems that public opinion is starting to take its reign in our country.



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