wage gaps in singapore

It is good that our government is addressing income issues for low income families by implementing subsidies for areas of housing, education and health care and it is noted by straits times that the government’s policies to grow Singapore’s economy has allowed for the bottom fifth of Singaporean households to enjoy 13.6% over five years, adding that ‘It is also worth recognising that this significant growth in incomes in the last five years occurred despite the rise in the proportion of foreign workers in the workforce’. However as a media student that is in training to have a critical eye on what is reported in the news, I feel the need to point out that the source of real income growth lies with net savings increase ie the expenditure to income. On the very negative side of things, it seems that it would not matter much if the low income families’ increase in wages cannot keep up with the inflation of economy. Also when 13.6% over five years is seen as a mere 2.7% in a year, it can seem much like a very low growth disguised as a significant increase.

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