2 posts in 1: The Irony: Arresting a 25 year-old lady for Vandalism and the launch of a teen Talent Fund by the PA (PART 2)

Post 2: PA’s launch of a talent fund for teens

The PA will be launching a talent fund at the end of June for teenagers who enjoy performing arts and sports to fund teens in their engagement of educational and enriching activities that promote community service, arts and culture. This is part of PA’s Teen Network (T-Net) Club’s 10th anniversary. Members of the T-Net Club with the potential in non-academic areas such as singing, dancing or the performing arts in general are to be nominated to attend the courses to develop their artistic forms of expression. Other non-academic areas include sports and emceeing.So we have the PA promoting the arts and non-academic areas for engagement and self-expression while the police are currently investigating acts of vandalism allegedly carried out by a 25-year-old woman. Yes of course it is a great thing that PA is supporting the teens in this manner and giving them opportunities to develop and boost their interest in arts and culture but on the other hand, a woman is arrested for what she feels is her creative expression through art. It is just sad that her unique and amusing acts were unappreciated. She is however foolish to have painted on the road that faces a ministry, perhaps her self expression is too bold to be valued? Whatever the case, I sincerely hope for better reception to these forms of street art in Singapore in the years to come. Such creativity is rare and who knows, one of those teens funded by the PA could have the potential to be the most creative and original artist inSingapore but lacked the platforms and opportunities to do so.

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