2 posts in 1: The Irony: Arresting a 25 year-old lady for Vandalism and the launch of a teen Talent Fund by the PA (PART 1)

This week, I picked out two issues that brought up much irony inSingapore’s system and attitudes towards art and expression for the creativity of various art forms.

Post 1: Arrested for Vandalising

Earlier this week, Police arrested a 25-year-old woman believed to be behind the acts of vandalism along the roads of Singapore. However, the acts of vandalism were not the usual thoughtless, vulgar and crude scribbling with distasteful paint, i.e. Graffiti. Instead, her reported acts of vandalism could potentially be classified as street art and expression in other notable countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and even France, just to name a few. Her reported acts of vandalism include that of a painted phrase, “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” along several roads in Singapore, including one along Maxwell Road directly facing the Ministry of National Development building.

Other alleged acts of vandalism include that of circular stickers printed with captions such as “PRESS TO TIME TRAVEL” pasted around LauPaSat and on a road traffic sign along Robinson Road.

Street art is usually adopted by artists who wish to keep their work unaffiliated and sometimes politically fueled and is largely done without the official approval in public areas. Such acts will, in Singapore, a largely conservative country, remain taboo and obviously a big no-no. However, consider the fact that a country such as Singapore, one that claims to be a globalised democratic city, and weigh it against some of the strict policies and the law Singaporeans have to abide by, isn’t it contradictory? This links us to the next issue for discussion, the launch of a talent fund for teens to engage in activities that promote community service, arts and culture.

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