Lower-waged get wage increase

Initially recommended by the National Wages Council (NWC) to increase the wages of civil servants earning below $1,000 by $50, these involved will get a wage increase depending on their rank and atop that, they will also receive a mid-year bonus, beginning next month. This I believe is a positive start to bridging the wage gap among Singaporeans and hopefully, this will lead to more wage increment for those earning low wages. Additionally, this all helps Singaporeans in reaching that milestone of $139,000 in our CPF accounts. Typically, one would say that it is about time Singapore looks to revamp the wages after several ventures on a national level have proven to be successful and profit making. One particular example of such a venture would be the two casinos here. Figures and reports have shown that the two casinos, since opening, have made profits; plus, on a whole scale, the nation’s GDP has risen. Hence, one would be entitled to argue that it is about time that the government give a little to the people, and through this wage increase, the government is giving back, though slowly.

Read the article here:

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