The need to keep our earth green and clean

It certainly is important for singapore to persue a balance between good environmental living and economic prosperity.
Singapore Green Project is seen to be carried out this year with environment themed girl guides camp that started this week. I feel this is the right step forward to building awareness and create a sense of responsibility in citizens to care for the encironment.

This is certainly a major issue as UNEP (un environment programme) has found that with the increasing demand of water and lack of action on climate change there will be unpreedented levels of damage and degradation in our earth’s natural resources. Elimination of energy fossil fuel subsidies may make major positive contributions, however one of the most widely used ways to cushion the impact of inflation is to subsidise consumption, and taming inflation is top priorty for governments in Asia.

Read article: 

1,000 participate in environment-themed Girl Guides camp


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