Activism? Re-looking the Vandalism laws: Law Minister K Shanmugam

The “sticker lady” sure knew how to make full use of her 15 minutes of fame. Well, not the best kind of fame, but she got a lot of people talking about her, her Art, street art in general and most recently, talks on re-looking Singapore’s Vandalism law.

I did a post on the 25-year old’s work that touched on what really defines street art and whether Singapore laws and activities truly reflect a city that encourages and embraces arts and culture. This post will have its focus on the rise of acts that suggest activism in relation to the laws of Vandalism here in Singapore.

Since the arrest, debates and petitions thrived, one of which include a gathering of more than 70 individuals at the White House on Emily Hill last week. Teachers, theatre practitioners and artists were among the 70 people that gathered to discuss what street art entails in Singapore, vandalism and the limits of artistic licence here. In addition, a nonprofit arts enterprise, Social Creatives, has called for the laws to be changed.

Well, everything has to start somewhere and these acts do account for a decent start of activism in Singapore, no? Sure it isn’t vigorous or largely confrontational but what can us Singaporeans do when we are restricted by tight freedom of expression laws in Singapore? Not everyone has the guts to risk getting jailed for forcefully campaigning through a demonstration or a strike in lieu of a cause they support, I sure will not. But well, give these groups a little credit because it was reported on the 18th of June that our Law Minister has signaled that Singapore’s vandalism law be relooked if the majority of society wants more freedom for artistic expression.

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