Unemployment in Singapore continues

What might worry young singaporean graduates more than climate change and our aging population are unemployment rates and a potential economic recession. Things should be looking better from a recent report which said that manpower shortages are less severe, which means it is easier for employers to fill job vacancies, in a blog post by minister of state for manpower tan chuan-jin. However when looking at unemployment long term, things are looking quite bleak as the rate has increased over the years,  which means that older or mature individuals will remain unemployed. This might not affect us young singaporeans now, but if things were to continue this way, I’m positively sure the lot of us will suffer in the long run.

I have plenty of friends who are very much pessimistic about this matter and are not optimistic about their future here and they all speak to me about their plans to leave the country, and so the question of whether singapore will be replaced by foreign workers in the future looms over all our heads. On the bright side, with the new foreign workers policy coming in that will tighten the foreign worker quota might bring about some positive changes.


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