Non-citizens to pay more for education next January

The local government has been under significant pressure from the locals, being called to ensure that Singaporeans are given preference when it comes to public services. In its latest release, the Singapore government announced that school tuition fees for non-citizens would be increased from January 2013. Permanent Residents (PRs) will pay around $50 to $80 more, while foreigners will bear a heavier hike, $115 to $250 more. The growing inequality between the rich and the poor has led to backlash against immigrants. While it may seem a little steep to pay $250, this move aims to ease the growing tension against immigrants in lieu of several key incidents involving foreigners. Personally, I think that this fee increase is a good move, not just because it favours Singaporeans but also because now, there is a more obvious differentiation of benefits for citizens and non-citizens.


Read the article here:

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