Starting pay concerns: University versus Polyechnic graduates

According to the Ministry of Manpower, the starting salaries for university and polytechnic graduates hit a new high in 2011. Although this all seems good for everyone, I think it is a more pressing concern for university graduates to be paid good starting salaries, especially from the male perspective. I question the focus on the need for guys to be paid good salaries, when in due time, they would be called up for National Service. The idea of keeping them with the company, then, would not be applicable. Yes, no doubt the girls would go out into the working world, but wouldn’t a number of them proceed onto the next level of education, i.e. attaining a degree? I am not criticising good starting salaries for polytechnic gradutes, but rather, I am arguing that there is a greater need for university graduates to make good starting salaries.


Read the article here:

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